Camp Courage

A place of refuge and healing for our Australian heroes.


How does Camp Courage offer sanctuary for our Aussie Heroes?

bureau^proberts is proud to work alongside the 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation to develop the Camp Courage rehabilitation retreat. Camp Courage represents the first of several retreats in Australia, developed in response to the growing need to provide professional care and support to Australian military and first responders in a relaxed and rural environment. Camp Courage will provide a place of sanctuary for those experiencing mental illness and trauma as a result of their service to our country, with rehabilitation services designed specifically to assist individuals and families who have been affected. Camp Courage therefore represents a place of refuge and an opportunity for healing, seeking to make meaningful and considerable improvement to the lives of our Aussie Heroes.

How does the design of Camp Courage facilitate support?

Camp Courage has been designed to offer a comprehensive range of physical, social, and psychological support practices to those impacted by service. The masterplan involves a main communal building, with reception and group facilities, a dining building with kitchen and recreation capabilities, and additional amenities and break-out spaces. Individual accommodation modules are also provided, housing participants and their partners throughout their stay. The rural location, combined with the low-density and dispersed program ensures prominence is returned to the landscape and encourages participants to maintain a strong connection with their surroundings throughout their stay. The architecture has been designed to the highest standards of passive and environmental design, with living spaces opening to capture breezes and views of the enchanting landscape. Corten Corrugated steel is utilized for cladding, providing a passive, affordable and visually appealing solution which references its rural context. The overall design therefore employs distinctively Australian architectural language, reflecting the heroes it serves.


Master Planning, Community
Charity Foundation, Pro Bono
Architecture, Master Planning
Beckwith Road, Lighting Ridges, Scenic Rim Regional Council
Received Ministerial Infrastructure Designation
4 Aussie Heroes Foundation
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