Ice Works

Reimagining the city-fringe high street.


What was the design philosophy behind Iceworks?

The Iceworks development brings contemporary apartments and high-street amenity to revitalise and densify a city-fringe quarter of Paddington, an inner-city suburb of Brisbane. Our idea was to optimise residential and commercial densities whilst remaining sympathetic to the historic fabric of Paddington and the high-street character of Given Terrace. Site planning follows traditional development patterns whereby retail and commercial tenancies create the active front to Given Terrace and apartments are located behind, oriented to the side street to strengthen this suburban edge. This approach empowers the backyard, freeing up the centre of the site for open-air recreation. The benefit of this strategy is twofold; preserving open space for the neighbourhood and generating outlook from within the site.

How is pattern and texture employed to bring interest and variety to the architecture?

The architectural expression of Iceworks was born from a place of appreciation for the surrounding, characterful hills of Paddington. Historic workers’ cottages inspired the concept to entertain a simplicity and economy in the material and formal characteristics of the architecture and find a more lyrical expression through ornamentation and motif. Using laser-cut aluminium screens and sand blasted concrete, contemporary texture and motif are explored in contemporary ways. Reminiscent of the decorative tiling observed on historic shop fronts of Given Terrace, colourful wall tiles are also used as a contemporary ornamentation device.


Commercial and Mixed use
Private client
Master Planning, Architecture, Interiors
Brisbane, Australia
Complete, 2009
Brisbane Ice Sales
Project Details
Mixed-Use Redevelopment of Agglomerated Site Comprised of 12 Existing Allotments / 6992 m² GFA / 49 Apartments
Concept Engineering, Alliance Design, Project Strategies Australia, Terrain Consultants, KMA Mechanical Services, Bennet & Francis, PMM group, TTM, MCG, Ashburner Francis
Hutchinson Builders
Christopher Frederick Jones