Art meets fashion on Edward Street 16 November 2017

Two elegant museum glass showcases, bursting with colourful installations by multi-media artist Hiromi Tango are striking new additions to the high-end fashion quarter of Edward Street.


The art vitrines, funded by Brisbane City Council and developed in consultation with bureau^proberts, are part of the Edward Street Upgrade Project.


bureau^proberts director, Christopher Chetham, explains, “We worked with Brisbane City Council on the development of the vitrines with the vision to create high quality installations that reflect the detail and sophistication of the high level brands on offer in Edward Street. “


Brisbane City Council has allocated $11 million over three years for the upgrade of the Edward Street streetscape between Queen and Charlotte streets. The upgrade is a priority project in the Council’s City Centre Master Plan as a key pedestrian conduit within the CBD.


“Edward Street is emerging as a location for high-end fashion. Council intended to support this investment by transforming the street into a world class retail environment with broad footpaths, tree-lined streets and beautiful buildings.”


The vitrines are elegant pieces of urban sculpture, robust enough to handle street life and traffic hazards. There were some design challenges to overcome such as allowing the artist to work inside the vitrine while installing the art piece.


Christopher describes the vitrines as a “microcosm of design.”


“From a design perspective, the vitrines had the same structural complexities as a small house needing a floor, door, roof, walls and cladding. They also required complex steel fabrication and embossing,” he says


“We recessed track spot lighting into the suspended grid ceiling and ventilation was included to aid climate control in the enclosed glass box,” says Christopher.


Vitrine Ed St dark


These intriguing urban art installations act as visual markers at key points along Edward Street. They will be curated by Brisbane City Council as part of an ongoing artwork program for locals and visitors to delight in the unexpected.


Christopher says, “The vitrines reflect the fact that Brisbane is moving onto the international fashion stage and we took our inspiration for the striking exhibits often seen in front of London galleries.”


The artwork within the vitrines will change with the seasons, linking to fashion trends and providing opportunities for design, art and fashion students to create exhibitions.


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