Burleigh welcomes new wave of high-end architecture 6 December 2018

The architectural landscape of the Gold Coast’s south has just received an injection of contemporary subtropical design, courtesy of NORTH Residences. Located in North Burleigh, this boutique, seven-storey residential development signals a departure from the rendered blockwork and slab edges synonymous with much of the region’s existing building stock.


NORTH Residences occupies a prime position on Burleigh’s Esplanade. bureau^proberts worked the structure of each apartment to occupy an entire floor — with wide living areas located on the building’s northern edge to give residents breathtaking views of the beach. Meanwhile, master bedrooms are located on the south-east of the site, capitalising on views via the beach to the Burleigh headland.


Liam Proberts, bureau^proberts’ Managing and Creative Director, describes the design as delivering expansive layouts akin to that of stand-alone homes.


“The whole-of-floor design allowed us to create a seamless connection between the front and rear balconies,” Liam explains. “This layout promotes natural ventilation, maximises the floor space and helps to flood interiors with natural light.”


The design also references its seaside location, courtesy of a thoughtful selection of building materials. Natural and durable finishes are inspired by the undulating sands of the adjacent beach. Concrete, glass and aluminium are all incorporated in the building’s exterior.


bureau^proberts’ architects and interior designers created the building to incorporate significant protection from the hot afternoon summer sun. NORTH Residence’s western edge features an undulating screen that reflects the building’s shape. It also shields a series of balconies purpose-built for surfboard storage and swimsuit drying.


From inside the large living spaces, sea breezes can be enjoyed year-round, thanks to retractable floor-to-ceiling glass that can be fully opened or closed as the weather dictates. During severe wind conditions, the front can be closed down and natural ventilation is via openable hinged panels on the northern facade.


Situated on a compact site, comprising just over 500m², NORTH Residences incorporates a

two-level basement carpark and a broad frontage that creates a visual connection with its beach location. The finishes around the two pool areas give a subtle nod to the ubiquitous brick facades seen throughout much of Burleigh.


According to bureau^proberts Principal and Project Lead Kelly Geldard, this area of the coast is currently enjoying a rise in popularity, with a new generation of residents and travellers flocking to the area.


“There’s a great deal of positive energy and excitement surrounding Burleigh at present and, as architects, we’re proud to make a contribution to the built environment of the area,” Kelly says.

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