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Location: Nundah, Brisbane
Client: Rowlock

The Rowlock development at Nundah draws heavily on the pre-war Californian Bungalow style of the existing house, which finishes include rendered walls painted in off-white or cream, tapered columns, and decorative brickwork; all of which are evident in the existing house.

Rowlock aims to provide an alternative to infill housing by placing four townhouses behind the existing dwelling to complement the house. A major feature of the townhouses is a brick screen that draws directly on the design features of the existing and is a reference to the face-brick detailing of this particular style and era. This technique is further evident as a pattern of brick infill screening on the underside of the house.

The brick screen on the new townhouses has the dual purpose of creating a sense of identity for the townhouses and providing maintenance free protection from the Western sun. Bricks are readily available in standard run and colour, and laid in a familiar bond but placed in a way that creates pattern, light, shade and decoration reminiscent of its predecessor. This method utilises the earthy face-brick character of the original bungalow style whilst aligning with the relaxed suburban surroundings of the Brisbane city fringe.