Instagram Apr 22, 2020 @ 22:07

Never before have we relied more on our domestic spaces to fulfil such a multiplicity of needs; as place of shelter, retreat, solitude as well as escape and industry. #Minkatwins are working harder than ever, providing for their occupants a sense of a spatial generosity that belies modest footprints.
In the annual collectors edition of @homedesignmagazine_au writer Louise Smithers takes a closer look at #MinkaTwins “Pragmatic planning has taken advantage of climatic opportunities, notably the flexible open living areas on the ground level. Not only does this encourage outdoor interaction, it fosters a connection to the subtropical climate….. In a market lacking well-designed affordable mid-market housing the Minka Twins are a beacon of hope for those with high hopes and humble budgets.” Architect: @bureauproberts
Client: @storydevelopments
Photography: @scottburrowsphotographer