Instagram Aug 31, 2023 @ 06:58

The façade at THORNTON is nearing completion with the installation of its bespoke glazed façade.

The articulated glass panels enfold the spaces of the building and give a sense of lightness, strength and versatility. The Insulated Glazing Units (IGU’s) are uniquely fritted, and opened to breezes on the south and east – reminiscent of a louvred verandah – creating a sculptural form that reduces glare and regulates temperature. Each panel and installation have been meticulously detailed and installed in a collaboration between our design team, builder and glazing manufacturer.

We are pleased to mark this milestone for the building and see its form emerge.

Client | @jgl_properties
Builder | @hutchies1912
Glazier | Queensland Façade Systems Pty Ltd
Photography | @scottburrowsphotographer