Celebrating 2000-2009.

A new era of city shaping.


The new millennium coincided with a time of expansion for the emerging practice of bureau^proberts. Projects such as Saville– a significant hotel and apartment building in South Brisbane – demonstrated the sharp shift in scale and complexity that defined our engagement in a new era of city-shaping. In step with projects of growing scope, our geographical reach also expanded. After winning the international design competition for the National Police Memorial, Canberra we saw our ideas for shaping spaces for spiritual reflection take form in the nation’s capital. This important and humbling memorial project cemented a partnership with Urban Arts Projects (UAP) that has continued to strengthen with time. In 2008 we collaborated again with UAP for the KAUST Beacon in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, working with artist Daniel Tobin to resolve the structural complexities demanded of an amorphous, concrete structure. This, our first international project, continues to define our work at the crossover of art and architecture.


Between significant cultural and city-shaping projects, the practice evolved ideas for subtropical living at the scale of the apartment (Abitare Apartments) and house (Tugun Residence and Bay House). This work traversed Brisbane and the Gold Coast with sites on the Beach and Bay and celebrated architecture that was informed by climate and place. Smaller experiments such as co27 Remote Living Cell challenged ideas for home as a machine for living. Beyond Southeast Queensland – in the North Queensland city of Townsville – our ambitions to shape the urban environment culminated in the masterplan and mixed-use development of the Townsville Rail Yards. The redevelopment of the disused Rail Yards unlocked parts of the city fringe and river, opening new pathways and creating vibrant commercial, residential, and public spaces.


While the architecture of the 2000s stands as concrete evidence of our work, the people who joined us in that decade are the living testimony of our long-standing commitment to the disciplines of architecture, interior design, and master planning. At the start of this decade, we were joined by Kelly Geldard and Chris Chetham, who are now both partners of the practice. Shortly after, Saskia Ruijs joined the interiors team which she has led for more than a decade. We celebrate Kelly, Chris and Saskia’s continuous commitment and exceptional service to bureau^proberts across three decades of practice.





Key Projects

Abitare Apartments (2000)
2003 RAIA Robin Dods State Award for Multi Residential; 2003 RAIA Regional Awards / Commendation and House of the Year Award; 2003 UDIA State Awards for Large to Medium Residential / Commendation

Galleria Art Panel (2001)
2005 Cement, Concrete and Aggregate Association Public Domain Awards / National Commendation

Saville (2002)
2007 RAIA Residential Architecture Award Regional Multiple Housing / Commendation; 2007 RAIA Art and Architecture Prize Saville Southbank Artwork ‘Slowness of Light’; 2006 UDIA Consultants Excellence / Finalist

Tugun Residence (2003)
2007 RAIA State Residential House Architecture/ Commendation; 2007 RAIA Brisbane Regional / Commendation; 2007 Gold Coast Awards / House of the Year

Bay House (2003)
2007 RAIA Residential Architecture Houses / Commendation; 2007 RAIA Regional / Commendation                                                                                                                                                       

co27 Remote Living Cell (2004)
2004 RAIA State Architecture Awards / Commendation; 2000 Queensland Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund / Second Round Awards; 2004 RAIA Planning and Research Award / High Commendation          

Townsville North Railway Yards (2004)
2010 AIA Urban Design / State Commendation & Regional Commendation

National Police Memorial, Canberra (2005)
2008 DIA Gold Award for Built Environment; 2007 AIA ACT Urban Design Award; 2007 AIA Art and Architecture Award; 2005 National Police Memorial Design Competition / First Prize

Iceworks (2006)

Mulwith Loreto College (2006)
2010 AIA Public Architecture / State Commendation & Regional Commendation; 2009 ASI Steel Awards QLD / Special Mention; 2001 RAIA Regional / Commendation; 2001 RAIA Queensland Public Building Education Building Award     

SW1 Townhouses (2007)
2011 AIA Residential Architecture Multiple Housing State / Commendation; 2011 AIA Residential Architecture Multiple Housing Regional / Commendation                                                                                                     

Kaust Beacon (2008)