77 Jefferson

Comfort and connection at Palm Beach.


Why is good design responsive to climate, setting and place?

77 Jefferson embraces the balmy climate and relaxed, coastal atmosphere that is characteristic of the Palm Beach community. The building envelope is designed to be open to the environment while offering residents a sense of comfort and a connection to the pristine coastal location. Northern and eastern edges are tuned to capture views, draw breeze, to shade and invite sun at different times of the year.  Conversely, the southern and western facades are designed to defend against solar gain and visual intrusion. Bespoke screening elements wrapping southern and western facades manage privacy, while framing views out and drawing natural light and ventilation into the interior. Vertical battens shade the harsh afternoon sun creating a tempered living environment for residents, offering supreme comfort while remining open to the sounds and atmosphere of the ocean.

What are the benefits of the whole-floor apartment?

The view and aspect opportunities made possible by the whole-floor apartment type empower an experience that would otherwise be compromised by neighbours in a multi-apartment per floor scenario. 77 Jefferson delivers a medium density outcome with the amenity of a single detached home. It achieves this through a commitment to whole-floor apartment planning which offers 360-degree view opportunities; sunrise to sunset and views from ocean, to Gold Coast hinterland. Distinct from view and aspect, the added advantage of 360 orientation opportunities is the operability of all edges to manage thermal comfort, privacy and strengthen a sense of individuality and ownership.


Whole-Floor Apartment
Private client
Architecture, Interiors
Gold Coast, Australia
Completed, 2020
Blue Point Property
Project Details
Boutique Residential Developments / 2793 m² GBA / 8 Whole Floor Apartments
Bryns Lardner, Pinnacle Engineering Group, Erwin Structural Engineering, EMF Griffiths, Innova Services, McCarthy Consulting Group, Urban Planning Services, Esco Energy Solutions, Smith Hydraulic Design
Hutchinson Builders
Andy Macpherson
Project Contact