North Residences

Whole-floor coastal apartments.


What inspired the architecture of NORTH?

NORTH comprises seven, whole-floor apartments, each designed to engender a sense of belonging to the Burleigh Heads community. The character of the built form is inspired by the rock formations of the nearby headland to imbue, in the skirting spandrel panels, a sense of geometric abstraction and strong visual identity. The protection and privacy afforded by these concrete elements is further supported by light-weight elements expressed in the screened edges that wrap the building. Extensive glazing and open terraces to the east engender a sense of openness and connection to the street, beach and ocean.

How is the architecture attuned to the subtropics?

NORTH residences are highly attuned to a subtropical, coastal climate and promote passive cooling through effective cross ventilation pathways and extensive sun shading. The building’s bespoke western screen works to control privacy, frame views out and draw natural light and ventilation into the interior. Importantly the screen system shades the building from harsh afternoon sun to create a comfortable interior living environment. Sun protection is further enhanced by horizontal slab extensions along the north and eastern faces which shade the facade.


Whole-Floor Apartment
Private client
Architecture, Interiors
Gold Coast, Australia
Complete, 2018
Synergy Property Partners
Project Details
7-Storey Residential Tower / 1614 m² GFA / 7 Apartments
Bennet & Bennet Surveyors, Cactus and Hill, WSP, Sotera, BG&E, Cactus and Hill, Energy Rating Consulting.
Hutchinson Builders
Andy Macpherson, Mindi Cooke
Project Contact


2020 Gold Coast Urban Design Awards Commendation
Private Project

2019 AIA Awards Gold Coast Regional Commendation
Residential Architecture, Multiple Housing

2019 AIA QLD State Award Commendation
Residential Architecture, Multiple Housing

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