Newstead Series

A building embedded in the historical suburb of Newstead, Brisbane.


How does Newstead Series balance economic and social sustainability?

Newstead Series explores new ideas for high-density living, championing the fundamentals of low-density living – providing good access to landscape, sunlight and outlook – while drawing on the unique qualities of the cosmopolitan, inner-city enclave of Newstead. The project works hard to balance the economic potential of the site while preserving half an acre of open green and recreational space at the heart of the development. Intensifying development at the perimeter supports this strategy and reinforces the neighbourhood pattern of strong building edges expressed in masonry. The deployment of a blockwork screen at the base of the building creates a strong visual identity and maintains an enduring link to Newstead’s historic, masonry wool stores.

How does Newstead Series celebrate the crossover of art and architecture?

The Newstead Series celebrates the crossover of art and architecture, embedding artwork in the built fabric and delivering significant works to shared spaces. Glass handrails on the Evelyn Street façade create a dynamic reference to the former warehouse framework. A large-scale abstracted graphic by local artist Adrian Clifford is experienced as a patterned frit in the glazed sections at close range and becomes a city-scaled image when viewed from afar. Meanwhile foyer spaces play backdrop to artwork by renowned local timber artist Jason Fitzgerald. His work responds to the timber trusses, framing and detail of the historic wool stores and creates a striking artwork that visibly links private and public realms.


Luxury Apartment
Private client
Architecture, Interiors
Brisbane, Australia
Complete, 2018
JGL Properties
Project Details
Four Residential Towers / 25,206 m² GFA / 299 Apartments and Townhouse
Adrian Clifford + Jason Fitzgerald
Bennett & Associates, Projex Partners, Venmist Pty Ltd, Flanagan Consulting Group, Lat27, Sotera, Cardno, SJM Hydraulics, WalkerBai Consulting, Blue Star Pacific, Sotera
Christopher Frederick Jones
Project Contact


2019 Queensland Architecture Awards 
Brisbane Regional Commendation – Residential Architecture, Multiple Housing

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