Celebrating 2010-2020.

Taking Australian Architecture and Design to the World.


The 2010s cemented our global reputation for excellence in the residential, development and public + art sectors. Following our debut at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in 2015 and the shortlisting of SILT, we surpassed this in 2018 with two projects shortlisted, Bardon House and Wahat Al Karama with Idris Khan. In 2019, another two were recognised, Walan and Minka Twins.

In the same decade, we completed more award-winning work in the residential sector including, Newstead Series, Albert Villa, North. Strengthening our continued interest in the arts we completed the master plan for Brisbane Powerhouse.


The start of the 2010s was a tumultuous time for Brisbane when it suffered the 2011 floods. A community-focused response manifested in the Bellbowrie Pool, a project that came to symbolise the resilience of a community seeking to rebuild following the event. The new complex responds with civic ambition, redefining the purpose of the community facility and reinstating its place and importance in the wider Brisbane context. A striking, sculptural roof-form shelters and unifies discrete pavilions arranged around a central garden. Masonry walls protect the building visually and physically, ensuring the robust building skin remains flood-proof for generations to come.

Our most significant contribution to the public + art sector in the 2010s came with the artist-led project Wahat Al Karama with Idris Khan. The significant project for Abu Dhabi, UAE, delivered a monument conceived by Idris Khan and a pavilion of remembrance and reflection designed collaboratively between bureau^proberts and Idris Khan. The monument honours the heroes of the UAE and acts as a place of commemoration for their families, dignitaries, and the public. The project evolved the practice’s interest in the crossover of art and architecture and demonstrated our capability to deliver large-scale work, internationally.


Back in Brisbane, Walan, a residential tower of 14 whole-floor apartments in Kangaroo Point, continued a trusted partnership with GBW Developments, who commissioned the design of SILT earlier that decade. Walan reimagines the subtropical, whole-floor apartment tower while celebrating Brisbane’s vernacular architecture traditions. Louvred screens are employed to frame views, shade rooms, and draw breeze in a similar way that verandahs traditionally screen and protect the Queenslander. Walan was recognised locally by the Australian Institute of Architects when it was named Brisbane Building of the Year and awarded the Job & Froud Award. In 2021 it received an international award from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

The 2010s was the decade that welcomed our five current associates, Andrew Bell, Nathan Lane, Dan Liddy, Fiona Sheils, and Matthew den Exter. Andrew Bell joined the team in 2011, Nathan Lane and Fiona Sheils in 2014, Dan Liddy in 2015, and Matthew den Exter in 2019. All five team members rose to the level of associate through their dedication to design and their commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients and collaborators. Expect to hear more about our talented associates in the coming years!


Key Projects

Bellbowrie Pool (2013)

2015 AIA Public Architecture State Commendation; 2015 AIA Public Architecture / Regional Commendation; 2015 AIA Art & Architecture / Regional Commendation; 2013 Think Brick Award in Horbury Hunt / Commercial Category 

Silt (2015)

2015 AIA Job & Froud Award Residential Architecture Multiple Housing; 2015 AIA Award Residential Architecture Multiple Housing / Regional Commendation; 2014 World Architecture Festival Housing Category / Shortlist

Bardon House (2018)

2018 World Architecture Festival Shortlist House – Completed Category 2017 AIA QLD State Award for Residential Architecture – Houses (new) 2017 AIA Brisbane Regional Commendation

Wahat Al Karama (2018)

2018 Iconic Awards Innovative Architecture / Best of Best; 2017 World Architecture Festival Civic + Community / Shortlist; 2017 American Architecture Prize Cultural Architecture

Newstead Series (2019)

2019 AIA Award / Regional Commendation

Albert Villa (2019)

2020 Good Design Awards / Gold winner; 2019 AIA State Award Residential Architecture Houses

2019 AIA Award Heritage / Regional Commendation; 2019 AIA Award Houses / Regional Commendation

North (2019)

2020 Gold Coast Urban Design Awards / Commendation; 2019 AIA Gold Coast Residential Architecture, Multiple Housing / Regional Commendation; 2019 AIA QLD Residential Architecture, Multiple Housing / State Award Commendation

Minka Twins (2019)

2019 AIA Residential Architecture / Regional Commendation; 2019 World Architecture Festival Completed Buildings House / Shortlist; 2019 Good Design Award Architectural Design, Commercial + Residential / Winner

Walan (2019)

2021 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Awards / Award of Excellence, Best Tall Residential or Hotel Building; 2021 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Awards /Award of Excellence, Best Tall Building under 100 meters; 2020 Good Design Awards / Gold Winner; 2019 World Architecture Festival, Housing, Completed Buildings / Shortlist; 2019 AIA Job & Froud Award for Residential Architecture Multiple Housing; 2019 AIA Brisbane Residential Housing / Regional Commendation; 2019 AIA John Dalton Award / Building of the Year