163 House

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Location: Elysium, Noosa Heads
Client: Pearson Property Group

Situated on a small suburban site, this single story dwelling extends the plan outside the perimeter of the house, via the use of a folding timber device that divides the plan. This device separates the living and sleeping spaces and continues to the external front and rear edges of the site. Whilst this element defines a single edge to the internal living space, the external spaces follow the device to its extremities, and are further defined by the adjacent site boundaries.

The simple expression of the roof forms has been slightly abstracted to allow natural light into important spaces, and to provide an identity to the elevational treatment. The main roof form is lightly supported via a structural frame further aiding the connection of internal to external living spaces.

The simple expression of this structure, and the natural finish of the material palette throughout, clarifies the crafted nature of the building and its parts.

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