172 House

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Location: Elysium, Noosa Heads
Client: Pearson Property Group

This large site provided a significant view opportunity that has generated its approach to plan. The direct and simple journey through the house allows for a filtering of this view on entrance, and leads to a significant double height space at its destination. Its simple geometric from resembles clean, box-like containers and provides legibility to the nature of the framed view.

An entry screen wall, perpendicular to the street, creates separation in the plan, dividing public from private realm. Its function is emphasized in the robust use of off-form concrete. This element further serves to connect the occupant to be framed view to the rear.

The main living and sleeping spaces are located o separate levels, with the main bedroom space accessed via an entry that traverses and surveys the large double height volume of the house, via a bridge between the two primary geometric volumes.

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