Bittersweet – The Chocolate Boutique

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Location: The Barracks, Paddington
Client: Bittersweet – The Chocolate Boutique

The 24sqm compact space occupied by Bittersweet Chocolate Boutique intrigues from the outside and entices from within. The store itself is a visual metaphor for a box of chocolates, the white pendant light within the chocolate and mocha background references the enticement of a box of chocolates. The planes of the dark floor, rear wall and ceiling are the wrapping within which the chocolates are displayed. The sidewalls are of neutral colour but reference the subtle, contrasting detail of tissue paper. The rear wall is carefully detailed to maximise the storage and functionality without compromising its aesthetic detailing of the light coloured stone cladding to the counter becomes a plinth upon which to display the chocolates. This monolithic language is a repeated in the display niche in the rear wall, which is a white box backlit with integrated lighting to display the various chocolate boxes.

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