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Location: Macquarie Street, Teneriffe
Client: Meridien Pty Ltd

Catalina State II is a unique project encompassing 14 multi-million dollar residences and three penthouse apartments constructed on a speculative basis. The unique nature of the project was the vision of the developer, Russell McCart of Meridien. The project is located on the spectacular Teneriffe reach of the Brisbane River. The apartments (Lot 15) and the first 9 houses (Lots 16-24) are complete, whilst the remaining houses are still to be constructed.

The houses are grouped in lots of three and arranged around a central car court, the two larger of the houses with private pedestrian entries off Macquarie Street.

The houses are distinctly individual whilst a common palette of materials links the development together. The initial brief from the developer was that “each house is to have its own identity but to be seen to be from the same mother”. The houses aim to create a unique environment that addresses both the stunning river aspect and the significant context of Macquarie Street.

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