Central Commercial

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Location: Flinders Street, Townsville
Client: Honeycombes Property Group

In reclaiming and developing the disused rail yard known as the ‘North Yards’, the master plan aims to provide Townsville with a destination that provides an alternative to CBD residential and commercial activity and invigorates an underutilised and fledging part of the city.

Situated on the banks of Ross Creek, in a historic precinct fronting Flinders Street between the CBD and Townsville Railway Station, the site offers unique and diverse living environments. A wide range of apartment and townhouse types are proposed to cater for all household types, including the potential for SOHO (small office/home office) use.

The expression of built form is primarily driven by response to context — both existing and proposed — in the master plan, which incorporates concern toward orientation, views and an understanding of suitable approaches to building in the tropics. Built form is used to generate a sense of scale and spatial definition in streetscapes, forming tight-fitting but low scale rows along small streets and permeable, fractured edges along the public routes of Flinders Street and the creekfront parkland. Building massing is considered as a means of generating sculptural building forms which make a strong positive contribution to the sense of place.


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