Marist College Performing Arts Precinct

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Location: Ashgrove, Brisbane
Client: Marist College

The design proposal recognises the importance of this new precinct and ‘sense of place’ that exists at Marist College Ashgrove. The buildings have been viewed as functional objects that are sympathetic to the character of the campus but which incorporate contemporary design and detailing. The buildings enclose and form a series of new outdoor spaces. These spaces will increase educational opportunities and add to the experience of the college for students, teachers and visitors. The facilities include a 350 seat theatre and an experimental theatre, a music centre, a visual arts centre including film and TV, and eight general learning areas. All these facilities are linked by a new outdoor space known as the ‘Arts Walk’.

A new major path is proposed to link the Chapel Square to the arts precinct. It formalises the existing roads and paths between the admin and junior and senior secondary classrooms. At a mid-point in the path, an opportunity exists to join the Academic Plaza to this new path by upgrading the existing undercroft. The library, admin and other existing facilities in this area will benefit from these new connections and it will provide disabled access to the Arts Precinct.

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