Water Street Stage 1

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Location: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Client: Metro Property Development Pty Ltd

This project represents the first stage of a multi stage development which will provide a new residential hub. It is a great use of underutilised land that was an industrial precinct after formerly being used by the army. It embraces the notion of high density living in an area that is close to the transport and employment hubs, and significant business and entertainment districts.

The design creates a series of living spaces that allow flexibility of use at the ground plan and, on the upper levels, connect with their aspect and views and contribute to developing local character. The living spaces are compact, functional and affordable.

The form is derived from a structure that is rational and logical in arranging spaces and services that allow aspect light and ventilation. The building forms an edge to historic Water Street and provides a strong language to the lower podium that steps back on upper levels. The concrete directional banding is an interpretation of the history of Water Street as a creek bed from the original spring in Spring Hill, with the light weight fins over to provide screening from the sun. Their colours and pattern are derived from the masonry of the RNA fabric and the earthen colours of the local geography.

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